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With over more than 10 years of expertise in video production in Fiji, we specialize in capturing every significant element of your special day. Our commitment extends beyond merely documenting events; we strive to encapsulate the full spectrum of emotions, beauty, and ambiance that define your occasion. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we not only cover the key moments but also the subtleties that make your day unique.


We focus on capturing the genuine feelings and emotions of you and your loved ones throughout the day.Utilizing the stunning landscapes of Fiji, we integrate breathtaking scenery into your video, enhancing the overall aesthetic.We pay special attention to your guests, capturing their interactions and the joy they bring to your celebration.Our state-of-the-art drone technology provides spectacular aerial views, adding a unique perspective to your video.We weave together all these elements into a cinematic-style video that tells the complete story of your day.


Our Team:


Our team is dedicated to making you feel at ease. We work discreetly to ensure you remain comfortable and relaxed, allowing you to fully enjoy your event. We are there to guide and assist whenever necessary, ensuring that everything runs smoothly without intruding on your special moments.




After your event, we meticulously edit the footage to create a high-quality cinematographic video. Our typical turnaround time is 4-6 weeks for a highlight cinematography video.


Why Choose Us:


    •    Experience: Over 10 years of experience in the industry ensures we know how to capture and present your event beautifully.

    •    Comprehensive Coverage: From emotional moments to scenic views, we cover every aspect of your day.

    •    Professional Team: Our team is professional yet personable, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you.

    •    High-Quality Editing: Our expertise in cinematic editing guarantees a stunning final product that tells your unique story.


Enjoy your special day with your family and friends, knowing that we are dedicated to delivering the best quality cinematography video, capturing every beautiful moment for you to cherish forever.

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